How to record screen of your Android Phone

Recording the screen of your Android phone can be a really tough task if you do not know how to do it right. For instance, most of the times you will be asked to have root access before you can root your device. But that is something which most of us do not want to. We do not want to root out phones most of the times.

But as they say, all the information you see on the net is not true. Same is the case here. You need not necessarily have a root access to record the screen of your Android phone. Read more to know how you can record the screen of your phone without root access.

Download some screen recording app like Az Screen Recorder or AVB Screen RecorderNow open the app. You will see a play button on the app.Click on the button and the recording will start.When you want to stop drag the notifications bar belowAnd press the stop key.The recording will stop and it will be saved on your phone. So in this method, you can record the screen of any android phone.

AZ Screen Recorder App for Android

Have you ever felt like recording the screen of your Android Phone? To either boast in front of your friends or for sharing some information.
Well, if you have had that desire and had googled for the same, you would be knowing that most of the screen recording apps for android require root.
However, not all. There are few apps which can record the screen of your device without root. And trust me, they are better than those apps which require root access.

So without any further wait, let us talk about the AZ Screen Recorder App

Az Screen Recorder is an Android Application that allows you to record Android Screen without any requirement of root access.

Features of Az Screen Recorder App

You can crop videosYou can trim themYou can convert videos into GIFsYou can draw on screenNo limit for recordingPro featuresFinal Words
So that was all I had to say about this app. Soon I will be posting about more apps like this.